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Tina T Willer

Day 1

Today God told me: Take inventory of your strengths, accomplishments and personal assets. Look and see where they can be used to help others!

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Hi. My name is Tina Willer. Welcome to the 100 Days Club. Here we are performing 100 consecutive days of meditation for a minimum of 30-minutes per day.

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Hi. My name is Tina Willer. Welcome to the 100 Days Club. Our first task is to perform 100 consecutive days of working-out for a minimum of 30-minutes per day.

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If you are already signed-up, you can access your GIFTS. You can also BLOG about your 100 day experiences, and also search the site for Anti-Aging tips.

Thank you for being you!


Day 2

Tina’s wake-up weight on Day 2 – 200 pounds

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A large part of the night skin care for women is removing cosmetics worn during the day. The failure to do this can leave one with clogged pores and ones complexion could suffer consequences in the short and long run.

Anti-aging skin creams used at night are typically formulated from regular skin creams. Sleep time is when the body,Best anti-aging skin creamincluding the skin, is repaired. It is when new cells of the body are regenerated to replace the old, dying ones. The best anti-aging skin creams for night usage are formulated specifically to boost this process. They also have as many natural ingredients in them as possible. Also they contain other ingredients that have shown multiple beneficial results for the skin and healthy cell production.

One ingredient in the best anti-aging skin creams is coconut oil. Most anti-aging skin creams have oil in them. In most cases it is a vegetable processed oil. Unfortunately vegetable processed oil does not have antioxidant protections.

The primary cause of aging skin is free radical damage. Most of us began life with smooth, moist beautiful skin. Over the years free radicals begin to break the skins connective fibers over time, resulting in wrinkles and aging skin. The best way to fight these free radicals is with the best anti-aging skin creams. We should use the ones with the best free radical fighting ingredients in them.

Lotions and skin creams with high concentrations of coconut oil have been know for years to have hugh benefits for healthy skin. Coconut oil is a natural antioxidant and fiercely fights free radicals. It aids and protects the skin against the effects of free radicals helping to maintain the youth of the skin for a longer period of time.

Exfoliation has a long history of being a great way to clean the skin. It can help remove dead skin cells on the surface and give the skin a healthy brightness. However if exfoliation is utilized too much it can begin to damage perfectly good cells of skin. The use of coconut oil based anti-aging skin creams help to both improve the condition of the skin with its free radical fighting abilities and exfoliate the outer layer of skin.


Most of us desire to achieve and to maintain beautiful skin as we age. How do we maintain our skins youthful appearance throughout life?

Anti-aging skin careThe best anti-aging skin care gathers the marvelous gifts of nature with our body facts.

The best anti-aging skin care takes into consideration factors that cause premature aging as well as ingredients which repair any damage to the skin.

Which best anti-aging skin care tips will help us keep youthful skin?

Eat an appropriate diet of nutritious food. Notice which foods and products you may be allergic to. Eat plenty fruits and fresh vegetables. The vitamins and the proteins within them help prevent premature aging of the skin.

Avoid extensive sunning, utilizing a sun cream with UV protective ingredients and carry protective gear such as sunglasses and visors. Excessive exposure to sunlight is one of the greatest causes of skin damage. A large percentage of skin conditions associated with aging, are a consequence of too much sun exposition.

The best anti-aging skin care includes drinking an adequate amount of water. Dehydration can cause dry itchy skin. Water acts as an internal body moisturizer that maintains the epidermis preventing premature aging by keeping the skin moist.

Smoke robs the body of oxygen and the skin of its vitality which helps it look attraction and youthful. The nicotine and the carbon monoxide produced from cigarette smoking can block the circulatory system. The obstructions deprive the epidermis of oxygen and essential nutritious food. The lack of oxygen causes dehydration which then could lead to the formation of wrinkles.

Exercise regularly and include aerobic exercises. Exercising calms the nerves and promotes sleep needed for the epidermis to rejuvenate. It also increases circulation. Make sure you sleep long enough for the body and skin to repair and renew cells.

Limit your intake of alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration, and depletes moisture which helps to maintain a youthful smooth body. Reducing alcohol consumption will also improve your general health.

Use natural best anti-aging skin care products which have been formulated to keep the youthful appearance of your skin. They include moisturizing masks, eye creams and nourishing body creams.

Stop or slow down the use of synthetic products that deliver no results. Embrace natural skin care which has been proven include the best anti-aging skin care products on the planet.


Green PillsIt is not too difficult to find the best anti-aging products if you know what to look for! This article looks at four very important questions to ask yourself to find the best anti-aging products on the market.

1. Is the anti-aging product natural? Studies have shown that natural products are many times more effective than synthetic ones.

2. Does the anti-aging product destroy the production of free radicals? The best anti-aging products have properties which destroy free radicals. These properties include natural antioxidants and vitamins and could include CoEnzyme Q10.

3. If you are looking for the best anti-aging skin product, does it meet dermatological standards? There are certain dermatological standards that a good product should meet. A dermatologist will tell you what these standards are per your skin type. We al have different skin types, so the best anti-aging products for you versus me could be different.

4. Does the anti-aging product work for the majority of people? It is important to ascertain if the anti-aging product works for the majority of the people who have tried it. While each product can work a little differently for each person, the best anti-aging products work for most people who utilize them, especially those who utilize them regularly.

Many people may ignore the four simple questions above and will continue to buy product they find with the most compelling labels natural or synthetic. Instead of this, take a small amount of time to research and answer these 4 questions before wasting your time and money on anti-aging products that don’t work.


VitaminsThere is much exaggeration in the media today that anti-aging vitamins can slow down and even reverse the cosmetic marks of aging and other aging health related matters. What do studies show about anti-aging vitamins? Most anti-aging vitamins are filled of antioxidants. Antioxidants are natures way to fight free radicals that can damage cells over time.

Free radicals are produced naturally inside your body as waste in the cells. They are produced from natural processes such as breathing, as well as from exercise and stress. Cigarette smokers and alcohol drinkers, people who have high stress usually have more free radicals. Thus a healthy and clean way of life will have positive effects in your life. Also the rate in which free radicals are produced accelerate as our bodies age.

Free radicals cause damage and retardation to your cells that results in cosmetic aging signs such as more wrinkles. These radicals can also affect your health causing disease in your body. When this damage becomes significant, a variety of serious and even dangerous life conditions can occur such as cancers, Alzheimer, and more. Maintaining these radicals at bay are essential to both your health and physical appearance.

When you are young, the food you consume typically contains sufficient antioxidants to keep the free radicals low. As free radicals increase in your body as you age, anti-aging vitamins will help to fight and eliminate them. Taking an anti-aging vitamin regularly can improve your physical appearance as well as your health in the long run.


Natural SupplementsWhy would we want to buy anti-aging supplements? The main reason is because they have been shown to fight the effects and signs of aging.

People around the world spend million dollars trying each year trying to keep more of their youth. Most of us realize that youthful looking and acting people have the edge upon seeking employment and romantic relations. Yes. Appearing youthful is important today in our extremely fast-paced world.

Even if you don’t care about employment or romantic opportunities you may still want to feel younger. Having more energy, less pains, and more joy each day may be equally or even more important.

How many times have you been invited out to a delicious sounding affair, only to have that to pass it because you had no energy for it? Before I seriously started working on keeping more of my youth, friends would ask if I wanted to go golfing or hiking. Many times I had to say no. I knew I would not be able to be keep up with them and I did not want to slow them down.

At times my husband and I biked together, but after a few miles I was exhausted. We were interested in riding longer, but we just turned around and went home.

There are so many activities we would be able to enjoy if we still had the energy we did when we were 20 or even 30 years old. It would not be marvelous to be able to enjoy what we did when we were 20 or 30 years old again?

If a person wanted to start reclaiming their youth using anti-aging supplements, what are their options. Many of the rich and famous opt for expensive injections of human growth hormones or HGH. This it is not what I have choosen. What an expense and racket these HGH shots are.

I, prefer to take an all the natural supplement to increase my levels of growth hormones. What is so important about this hormone in anti-aging? The simple explanation is, the young have a lot of HGH circulating in their bodies and older people have very little of it.

At twenty five years of age, our levels of HGH begin dropping dramatically. This hormone is in charge of youthful looking hair, nails and skin. It also gives us more energy, strength and sharp mental and physical capacity.

Do not worry. Many natural HGH natural supplements are not dangerous or illegal. What it does is provide our bodies with the necessary ingredients for our pituitary gland to produce more Human Growth Hormone on it’s own.

Is natural HGH expensive? It is a little more than the cheap vitamins found in stores, but it is not at all expensive compared to the HGH injections. The natural supplements I use are a fraction of the cost of expensive HGH injections.

If you want to enjoy your life with more youth and energy, check out the anti-aging supplements we have on this site. Will you feel younger? I know that I do.


Herbal TeaAnti-aging medicine is a new way to control age-related diseases. With aging, we all know there will be gradual degeneration of cells and consequent loss of functionality of the systems that the cells constitute. Therefore as you age you are more vulnerable to degenerative illnesses such as high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, alzheimer, dementia, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart problems, osteoarthritis, and other disorders that affect the central nervous system. The new way to fight these illnesses are with the use of the anti-aging medicine.

Anti-aging medicine concentrates on early discovery and intervention. At 40+, whether you have any obvious problems or not, it is good to get tests such as: a bone density, a lipid profile, mammogram, hormone profile, CRP, RA, etc. These tests could help identify if any abnormalities have begun in the body that eventually could grow into a di-sease.

The best and healthiest way to maintain health and wellness as you age is to control your diet and exercise regularly. Anti-aging medicine can help with the odds, knowing that some aging is sure to happen as a normal course.

Note that prevention is better than healing. This is the focus of anti-aging medicines. It is much more difficult to reverse decay and di-sease than to it. It is always better to delay the arrival of and retard the pace of di-sease, which is exactly where anti-aging medicine fits in.


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