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Anti-Aging Medicine

by Tina T Willer

Herbal TeaAnti-aging medicine is a new way to control age-related diseases. With aging, we all know there will be gradual degeneration of cells and consequent loss of functionality of the systems that the cells constitute. Therefore as you age you are more vulnerable to degenerative illnesses such as high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, alzheimer, dementia, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart problems, osteoarthritis, and other disorders that affect the central nervous system. The new way to fight these illnesses are with the use of the anti-aging medicine.

Anti-aging medicine concentrates on early discovery and intervention. At 40+, whether you have any obvious problems or not, it is good to get tests such as: a bone density, a lipid profile, mammogram, hormone profile, CRP, RA, etc. These tests could help identify if any abnormalities have begun in the body that eventually could grow into a di-sease.

The best and healthiest way to maintain health and wellness as you age is to control your diet and exercise regularly. Anti-aging medicine can help with the odds, knowing that some aging is sure to happen as a normal course.

Note that prevention is better than healing. This is the focus of anti-aging medicines. It is much more difficult to reverse decay and di-sease than to it. It is always better to delay the arrival of and retard the pace of di-sease, which is exactly where anti-aging medicine fits in.

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